Effective Communication in the Business World

LUMS, Lahore

In today’s business environment, effective communication internally as well as with customers and suppliers of an organisation will result in gaining competitive advantage. A small but important message, ineffectively communicated, can lead to a dissatisfied key customer, an unacceptable delay in crucial supplies or even a lost contract directly impacting the company’s bottom line.


This 3-day program is designed to provide you with the modern tools and techniques essential for effective internal and external communication today.

  • Modern methods of communicating internally and externally
  • Selecting the right medium for a message
  • Developing logical and structured thinking for effective oral and written communication
  • Developing skills in writing clearly, concisely and with maximum impact
  • Presenting numerical data clearly with the use of graphs and charts
  • Effective oral presentation techniques and how to strengthen presentation skills
  • Awareness of nonverbal or hidden messages and how to read them


This program is aimed at those managers and executives who want to improve their communication and presentation skills and use them as their competitive advantage.



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