Growth and Continuity in Family-Run Businesses - Live Online

Nov 27 - 29, 2020
Application Deadline:
Nov 17, 2020
Live Virtual

Our business landscape is rich with inspirational accounts of entrepreneurs single-handedly, or in collaboration with siblings, building large business empires in the course of a lifetime. And most of these success stories face major challenges, during the transition to the new generation.

This intensive programme is developed for progressive large families aspiring to understand and address the underlying complicated, sometimes sensitive causes of disruption in family-owned and family managed business. Experience has shown that family business can lead to sustainability by formalising systems and procedures related to ownership, business and family.

The 3-day focused programme is intelligently adapted to live virtual format imparting a brilliant mix of theoretical concepts, insights from practice, constructive tools and techniques in a highly interactive and engaging e-learning environment.

The participants get direct access to LUMS faculty and engage with peers through interactive class discussions, lectures, guest speaker sessions and experiential group exercises that help reinforce learning and networking among the group.


During the programme, the participants will develop an understanding of;

  • The interrelationship between ownership, business and family
  • Key challenges related to growth, professionalisation, internationalisation and sustainability of the family business
  • Succession and generational transition
  • How to develop the family into a cohesive group with a shared vision
  • How to develop procedures, policies and mechanisms for management control and financial oversight
  • Understand and control factors that hinder the performance of professional managers in the family business with a focus on good governance


This programme is designed for family members (including children, siblings & spouses) and non-family executives of family businesses.


Programme Director
Associate Professor
PhD, Lahore University of Management Sciences
Research Interests:
Supply Chain Management; Technology and Innovation in Supply Chain Relationships; Social and Environmental Compliance in Supply Chain Relationships; Operations Management
Co-Programme Director
PhD, Stanford University
Research Interests:
Information Systems Development Methodologies; Global Software Development; Information Technology Utilisation Effectiveness; Management of Technology
Programme Fee PKR 70,000

* Programme fee includes tuition cost and reading material

Applications will be screened with regard to their suitability for the programme. Kindly ensure the submission of your online application by the deadline. Our online application form is available at 

*Seat in the programme will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Payment is due upon receipt of the acceptance letter along with the invoice. Please ensure that the payment reaches the office BEFORE the start of the programme. Space in the programme may only be ensured after we receive the fee.

Our preferred mode of payment is by cheque/banker’s draft payable to Lahore University of Management Sciences. However, the programme fee can also be paid via bank transfer. Please send the cheque to:

Marketing Manager
Rausing Executive Development Centre
Lahore University of Management Sciences
Opposite Sector "U", DHA, Lahore - 54792
Tel: +92-42-35608119-8243

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If more than one executive from the same organisation participate (up to a group size of 10 participants) in a programme, each additional participant after the first one gets a 10% discount on the programme fee.

If you are unable to attend a registered programme, we will accept a substitute until 2 working days before the programme. Substitute candidates will be subject to the same selection process as the original one. If you wish to cancel your name from a programme, please notify in writing or on call at least 5 working days before the programme. In case of late cancellation, the programme fee will be refunded after deducting an application processing fee of PKR 20,000.

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