Strategy Execution: Turning Plans into Performance - Live Online

Oct 06 - 09, 2020
Application Deadline:
Sep 30, 2020
Live Virtual

Performance of an organisation depends not only on having a coherent strategy but also on how managers at different levels understand and implement it. Magnificent visions and grand strategies cannot lead to success without their effective implementation across the length and breadth of the organisation. The real test of a strategy occurs when the rubber meets the road -- when visions from the top either diffuse or clash in the middle of the organisation when organisational goals either unite and focus or divide and distract the performers and when everyday actions either propel the organisation toward its chosen destiny or push it into the wilds of disarray. If coming up with a great strategy is challenging, translating it into fruitful actions is daunting. Integration of strategy formulation and execution is the key to meeting all these challenges.

This 4-day intensive programme is aimed at helping executives understand the process of formulating and implementing business strategy in various domains and at various levels of the organisation. It is specifically designed to help managers conceive and conceptualise an effective business strategy, formulate and translate it into concrete goals and tactics, and drive the whole organisation toward superior performance.

The rigorous 4-day programme is intelligently adapted to live virtual format imparting a brilliant mix of theoretical concepts, insights from practice, constructive tools and techniques in a highly interactive and engaging e-learning environment.

The participants get direct access to LUMS faculty and engage with peers through interactive class discussions, simulations and experiential group exercises that help reinforce learning and networking among the group.

The programme will help the participants to:

  • Understand the process of formulating and implementing business strategy
  • Translate strategies into SMART goals and actionable plans
  • Develop strategy maps and dashboards for effective implementation and monitoring of chosen plans
  • Influence the minds and hearts of people to effectively execute the intended strategy
  • Balance execution and adaptation to maintain strategic fitness in changing environments
  • Identify and address pitfalls in strategy formulation and execution

The programme utilises cases, simulations, interactive lectures and a project to primarily focus on:

  • Key frameworks and tools for strategy formulation and execution
  • Strategy maps for articulating and translating strategy incoherent, concrete and executable plans
  • Simulation of strategy execution through the Balance Scorecard
  • Simulation of managing change during strategy execution
  • Issues and challenges in strategy execution
The programme is designed for senior corporate executives responsible for crafting and implementing strategies for attaining enterprise performance goals such as General Managers, SBU Heads and Strategic Planning Officers.
Programme Fee PKR 120,000

* Programme fee includes tuition cost and reading material

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If more than two executives from the same organisation participate (up to a group size of 5 participants), each additional participant after the first two gets a 20% discount on the programme fee.

If you are unable to attend a registered programme, we will accept a substitute until 2 working days before the programme. Substitute candidates will be subject to the same selection process as the original one. If you wish to cancel your name from a programme, please notify in writing or on call at least 5 working days before the programme. In case of late cancellation, the programme fee will be refunded after deducting an application processing fee of PKR 20,000.

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Programme Director
PhD, University of Texas at Arlington
Research Interests:
Productivity; Quality Management; Supply Chain Management; Six Sigma; Project Management; Developing Customer Centric Culture
Co-Programme Director

Assistant Professor
PhD, Maastricht University and the United Nations University
MSc in Economics and Business Administration, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Research Interests:
Corporate Strategy and Organization; Technology and R&D Strategy; Innovation and Technological Change